Text Alerts


If you have not joined to receive the LCSO Text Alerts it's free and easy... Just Text "LCSO" and Send to "276-240-8787" and that's it. Your number is kept private. If you ever wanted to Opt out, all you need to do is reply "Stop" to any message. You may receive up to 30 messages per month. Some messages will be Sponsor related.

Note: If you join this text alert system your numbers are private. Messages from a Sheriff's Office using our System will be Identified so you know its an Official Text Alert. The Sheriff Alert System is a private company providing tools, software, and digital media communication solutions to the local Sheriff. Our funding comes from local business sponsorships. The Sheriff Alert System is not a Government Agency, and is not funded by any Agency funds or Tax payer funds.

Communication and Information is Very Important - There is nothing faster and more up close and personal than a Text Message

Have you ever wanted to get Lee County Information in Real Time... This is a courtesy free service that will allow me, Gary Parsons, Sheriff of Lee County, the ability to send you a Text Message with information on important things happening in real time right here in Lee County. You will be getting direct information from me. Many of our Lee County Citizens do not have email, live in remote areas of the County, are working and do not have access to TV or Radio, and so are unable to get information. But almost everyone has a cell phone and can receive a text message. This service gives my office the ability to get you factual information quickly as it's happening.

I have been your Sheriff for 25+ years and am working to bring new innovative ways to communicate with the Citizens of Lee County in our efforts to Protect and Serve you.

Here is the best part...Not only do you get Real Time information directly from Your Sheriff... It is NOT costing any Taxpayer Money or County Money to fund this program. It is fully funded and sponsored by Lee County Businesses who are also helping to make Lee County a better place to live, work and raise our families.

Text Services are completely private and at no time can anyone access or see your opted-in phone number.

Thank You for helping the Lee County Sheriff's Office make our quality of Public Safety the Best.