Senior Wellness and Security Care Call Program

Being alone and isolated is one of the greatest fears of older adults.

The Wellness & Security Check is a free service coordinated by the Lee County Sheriff's Office utilizing the Sheriff Alert System and the Sheriff Alert Team to make regular contact with our Lee County Senior Citizens or participants by phone and allows older adults to have comfort and security in the knowledge that someone is checking in on them on a regular basis. Seniors/Participants who sign-up for the Free program will get a call to check on them at a time and frequency mutually agreed upon.  If contact is not made after four attempts, and the emergency contact cannot be reached, the Sheriff Alert Team will coordinate with Lee County Law Enforcement to perform a welfare check.

What are Reassurance Care Calls?

Simply put, our call service is a daily point of contact.  Whether we call it live or automated, it all accomplishes the same goal – a touchpoint of the day. Perhaps relatives are far away, you live alone, or whatever the reason Sheriff Gary Parsons wants you to know that you are NOT alone.

Who can benefit from Care Calls?

People of all ages can benefit from a Reassurance Care Call or check-in.  This service is used by seniors, disabled individuals, people with chronic health issues, older adults living alone, older adults caring for their partner, people grieving recent loss, younger people working remotely, latchkey kids and more.  With almost unlimited options available, the Sheriff Alert Team can customize the service to meet any need you may have. This service is Free. To get signed up call 276-832-1016 and a member of the Sheriff Alert Team will help you customize the program to best fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Service Work? Our automated system will call you based on the calling schedule you provide. If the system is unable to reach you after a series of four calls, or he or she indicates to our system that he or she needs help, the system will activate a 911 call notification requesting a physical check to your address.

How Do I Get Started? Fill out the form above or call 276-832-1016 and request help to sign up. A member of the Sheriff Alert Team will call you to confirm and activate your call schedule. There is No cost or obligation. This is a FREE service and you can start, stop or modify the service anytime.

What Does It Cost To Get Started? There is No cost or obligation. This is a FREE service and you can start, stop or modify the service anytime.

How Many Times Will The System Call Me? When you start the service your call schedule will be set for 1-8 times daily which is totally up to you. If the first call cannot go through, or he or she does not press '1' to indicate he or she is OK, then the system will make 3 more calls before the notification procedure begins. If he or she presses '3', the notification procedure will begin immediately. If the system cannot reach you after 4 calls, or he or she presses '3', the notification procedure will call 911 immediately. If the 'Primary Phone' is not answered, or the person answering does not press '1' to acknowledge the call, the system will then call the 'Primary Phone' for up to 1 hour until the notification call is acknowledged.

What Will I Hear When I Answer A Call? First the Call will show on your caller Id as "DCS"  then After he or she answers the phone and says "Hello" then the following message will play from Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons "Hi! This is your daily checkup call! If everything is ok, press 1. If you need help, press 3." You will then have to press '1', and the system will tell you "Thank you, good bye." If he or she presses '3', we will let them know we'll be sending help and also instruct you to dial 911 in case of a serious emergency.

What If I Am Not Going To Be Able To Answer My Phone? At sign up we will provide you a special number you can call that will stop all check up calls for that day. Your regular call schedule will automatically resume the next day. If you need an extended call schedule change the call the Sheriff Alert Team direct at 276-832-1016

What If I Need Additional Information or Help? If you have an Emergency then call 911. Otherwise for assistance or information call or text the Sheriff Alert Team at 276-832-1016